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Abisso doesn't accept compromises: calibrated on extreme diving, with a satin steel case, screw-down crown and valve for helium leakage, guarantees water resistance up to 1000 meters. Finished by a rotating and unidirectional ring with an easy grip finishing, baton indexes and large luminescent " gladio " hands. Available in three different variants of case per four colors of strap, as promise of style, tendency and performance made by Strumento Marino. Nowdays diver's watches on the market are more and more numerous, among which there are real professional diver's watches and among these we can also count our model ABISSO branded STRUMENTO MARINO. Abisso watch is an excellent example of diving watch, as it has the helium release valve that supports the professionals in the deep sea, even in the most extreme situations. In fact this helium valve has the task of let coming out any helium particle that should enter in the watch case due to the effect of prolonged immersion. The helium valve is a guarantee of quality: its presence is proof that we are in front of a professional diving watch STRUMENTO MARINO. The helium is a gas composed by small molecules that if pressurized, they could reduced their dimension till introducing themselves inside the case of the watch by passing from the crown, though it has been scewed well. The risk is therefore that, during the dives, when the molecules of helium come out, they return to their original size and could damage the watch. To guarantee the safety of our ABISSO watch there is this valve that, due to the prolonged immersion or when the decompression stops during the surface climb, creates a pressure difference between the gases inside the watch case and its environment. This decompression, without the helium valve, can cause damage to the watch as infiltration of water ( especially from the crown ) or even the braking of the glass.



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