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Payment Conditions

All the orders can be payed by Paypal or by a bank transfer:

  • Paypal is an online free payment method, quick and secure. After ending the order select the payment with Paypal, the system will connect, in protected modality, with the Paypal page where you can insert email address and password of your account or you can simply use your credit card details. Choosing this payment method the amount of your order is debited directly on your Paypal account or your credit card and all your financial information remains confidential. Any transaction fees will not debited to your account.
  • Advance Bank Transfer – Strumento Marino accepts, as alternative, payments by Bank Transfer; this payment form is possible for all items on the site. If you pay by advance bank transfer the order will be handled only upon receiving the confirmation from the bank of the credit. Product will be keep and safe for 72 hours from your order. Payment must be made within 72 (seventytwo) hours from the date of the order. After that deadline, the order will be automatically cancelled. The reason for payment section of the bank transfer must include: the order reference number, the date the order was placed, the name and surname of the person placing the order.

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